St. Williams Conservation Reserve

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I built it and they ran with it

The St. Williams Conservation Reserve is another local nature organization I’ve been associated with for many years.

This site has had several incarnations. The current one is a collaboration between myself and the SWCR staff. I set up a fairly basic WordPress site for them and trained their people. Before long they were running with it, adding dozens of pages about flora and fauna in Norfolk County.

I’ve pitched in as needed with the more complicated stuff, and I did a site makeover awhile ago to make it a little more pleasing to the eye. But for the most part the SWCR site is a testament to what a group of people can do when given the right tools and a bit of training from someone who cares.

Species at Risk page

My contribution I’m most proud of is the Species at Risk page. There’s a huge amount of information there about rare species in Norfolk County. I don’t know a better place to start if you want to learn about threatened plants and animals locally. There’s a lot of practical, pragmatic info about what to do if you encounter any of these species. There’s also advice for how you can help with their recovery.

Elegant and functional contact form

Another feature I made of note is this sophisticated automated form application to join the SWCR Community Council. This form gathers a large amount of data, formats it into a nice-looking report, and emails copies to each member of the Community Council. It’s about as slick a contact form as you’re going to see. I could do something similiar of any size for your business.