About Guardian Computing

Guardian Computing is a web architecture and web hosting company located in Delhi, Ontario. Delhi (“dell-high”, not “dell-ee”) is a small Canadian town in Norfolk County.

We also do training and general troubleshooting. Here are some of our clients. Please contact any of them for a reference if you wish. We greatly value long term and mutually rewarding relationships.

Our stuff works. End of story.

We guarantee that every project we build will work as intended. If any of our software fails due to our code we’ll fix or replace it without charge.

We don’t think you’ll find many programmers with the same confidence in their final product.


Will Partridge

Will is a web architect who has been making software professionally for 30 years. The first 15 were for companies in Ottawa, Seattle, and New York, including several years working as a software developer at Microsoft’s main campus in Redmond, Washington. For the last 15 years he has been the owner and manager of Guardian Computing. Will also made a living for a few years as a writer and editor.

He does most of the programming and designs, and brings in associates and subcontractors as needed.

Will has managed and delivered hundreds of successful projects over the years. He builds things to last and he stands by what he builds. He was born and raised in Norfolk County and is happy to be back.

Morgan Partridge

Morgan is Will’s son. He’s a talented photographer, video producer and sound editor. He helps with minor coding and layout tasks and is also an excellent copy editor. We don’t publish anything until he’s read it over. Morgan enjoys teaching others about emerging computer technologies and often helps our clients with training.


Chris Jezovnik

Chris Jezovnik is a computer scientist with about 30 years of experience. He has his own consulting company called Turing Road. We’ve done a few dozen projects together, sometimes under Turing’s banner, sometimes under Guardian’s. Chris is a truly elite programmer that we go to when there’s a software problem none of us can figure out.

Chris is a wizard with weird hardware issues too, too. If you need something like a point of sales kiosk at a festival in the middle of nowhere that’s also remotely monitoring your refrigerator of frozen stock back home, he’s your man. He’s the best Linux expert we know and utterly reliable.

Simcoe Computes

The only computer store in Norfolk County we’ll deal with is Simcoe Computes. We buy all of our hardware from there and have them do all of our computer system builds. Any time there’s new hardware required for a project the first thing we do is ask them for advice. They’ve never steered us wrong yet.

A big reason we trust them is because they have the same business philosophy as us: don’t cut corners and always protect the client. They only sell computers where every component is high-quality. Yes, you can find a cheaper computer from Dell or Amazon, but you’ll regret it as soon as you get it. It will be underpowered, difficult to upgrade, and will need replacement within a few years.

To contrast, we recently had Simcoe Computes take a look at an office computer they sold us that was damaged from a close lightning strike. To everyone’s surprise, it was a ten year old machine. And this computer had no performance issues. It was perfectly fine for modern software development. That’s what you get when you refuse to use cheap, crappy components, and that’s the difference between buying a computer from Amazon and buying one from Simcoe Computes.

Always in confidence


While developing software for your business or working on your computer systems we can’t help but encounter sensitive information.

Our policy on secrets is very simple: we keep them until the grave. We will never release any of your information to anyone, ever, unless compelled by court order after exhausting all other possibilities. We do not cooperate with authorities. You can see a list of some of our clients on my portfolio page. Contact any of them and you’ll see we have a reputation for personal integrity and discretion which can not be challenged.