About Guardian Computing

My name is Will Partridge. Guardian Computing is my computer services company located in Delhi, Ontario. Delhi is a Canadian town in Ontario, located in Norfolk County.

I am a web architect who offers web hosting service. I also do training and general troubleshooting. Here are some of my clients. Please contact any of them for a reference if you wish. I greatly value long term and mutually rewarding relationships.

I hire subcontractors when needed (mainly artists) but I do all coding myself. I spent several years working contracts in Seattle for Microsoft. I spent a few more developing game software, splitting my time between Ottawa and New York City. I’ve been around, but in the end I decided I’d rather be here. It’s hard to imagine a better place to raise a child.

My stuff works. End of story.

I guarantee that every project I build will work as intended. If any of my software fails due to my code I’ll fix or replace it without charge.

I don’t think you’ll find many programmers with the same confidence in their final product. I have been creating software professionally for 30 years for a large variety of companies, from startups to the largest software company in the world. I build things to last and I stand by what I build.

Responsive design


A responsive design is one that responds to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on and rearranges itself to best fit that screen. This allows a site to look good on a tablet, cell phone, or any size/aspect ratio of computer monitor. Responsive layout (AKA “mobile ready”) is absolutely necessary these days. More pages are viewed by cell phones and tablets now than desktop computers. Current web publishing platforms generally recognize this but you may have an old site that is not responsive. If this is the case I very much recommend you upgrade your site.

Unique sites with custom code

Many web developers are not programmers. They just download publicly available site themes and charge you for them, making a few customizations for whatever options are exposed. These people are helpless once you ask them for any deeper modifications.

That’s not me. I re-write code to make sites do whatever you want, most of the time. If it’s something I can’t deliver I’ll tell you immediately. If you want your web site to do something that no other site in the world can do, I’m the kind of person you hire.


Teaching people how to use computers effectively is a large part of what I do. The project’s not done until you are comfortable using it yourself. If you want to learn WordPress (the world’s most popular web publishing system) then buy a site from me. I’ll be happy to teach you. It’s easier than you think. Once your site is set up, using WordPress is almost as easy as using Facebook. My clients are often self-publishing within a day.

Always in confidence


While developing software for your business or working on your computer systems I can’t help but encounter sensitive information.

My policy on secrets is very simple: I keep them until the grave. I will never release any of your information to anyone, ever, unless compelled by court order after exhausting all other possibilities. I do not cooperate with authorities. I will sign any NDA you want. You can see a long list of my clients on my portfolio page. Contact any of them and you’ll see I have a reputation for personal integrity and discretion which can not be challenged.