Web design

Here is some info about the types of sites I do.

I strongly recommend that all new clients buy content management systems.

Content Management Systems

Content management system example

A “content management system” is an advanced type of web site that allows non-technical users to manage and edit their own site. These kinds of sites come with administration screens that allow you to easily post new content which is then automatically formatted to your site’s look. You’ll love being able to quickly add your own stuff without needing the intervention of someone like me. You’ll save money in the long run too.

Every CMS I make has a responsive design. This means the site responds to the size of the screen that is viewing it and changes its design. Your site will look optimal regardless of whether it is being viewed on a tablet, cell phone, or computer monitor. It is my belief that all web sites these days simply must be responsive. You can no longer predict with any assurance what kind of device will be used to view your site. You have to have a modern design that responds to all sizes of screens.

Brochure sites

earthtramper large
Brochure site example

Brochure sites are the old-fashioned, typical sites you commonly see on the web. These days it’s easiest to define these kinds of sites by what they aren’t. They aren’t responsive, and they aren’t content management systems. This means they won’t adapt to cell phones and tablets, and they don’t have administration screens to make them easy to edit. And in my opinion, that makes them a bad buy. Brochure sites were the backbone of my business for years, but I steer everyone towards content management systems now.

Card sites

roi large
Card site example

Sometimes people just need a minimal web presence. Maybe they want to secure a domain name for a future project and just need a placeholder site for now. Maybe they want what amounts to an online business card, just to get their names and businesses into search engines. Sometimes people just want to use my email services and don’t really need a fully featured site.

For clients like this I make a single page site and charge them $80 for the design plus the purchase of a basic web hosting package, which costs $120 per year. For $200 you immediately have a simple web site hosted on your own domain using your own email address. This is a fantastic way to start any project. And you can always upgrade to a CMS quickly and easily once you need it.

Hosting only

oldcut marina small
Hosting only example.

Sometimes my clients buy hosting from me and build their own web sites. Sometimes other web designers buy hosting from me, using my resources to build sites for their own clients. They are wise to do so, as it allows them to focus on design rather than wrestling with gearhead issues relating to setting up and maintaining a modern complex web site. For a small additional fee I’ll set up a blank WordPress site for you, too.

If you choose this option you’re only purchasing a web hosting account for a total cost of $220/year for a business account or $120/year for a personal account.