Norfolk Field Naturalists

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The Norfolk Field Naturalists are a local group of scientists and nature enthusiasts. They are dedicated to sharing their knowlege and love of the natural world with anyone who will listen. I am very proud to be associated with this group. They have been without exception many of the finest people I’ve met in Haldimand-Norfolk and I share their goals.

Original science made accessible

The NFN has a newsletter called “The Lotus”. Take note of this archive. There’s a lot of original science about Norfolk County published there, many valuable observations and data that you won’t find elsewhere. One of the main reasons I pitched this site to the NFN in the first place was that I strongly believed these articles have to be posted online in an easily searchable format.

I also trained NFN staff how to post and edit their own articles. I always consider training to be part of my job. The site’s not done until you are comfortable using it yourself.

This web site is my own design and is made to be fully responsive. I used many large photographs since they have a large supply of original artwork. Earth tones are used throughout.

Nice photo gallery

The photo gallery is pretty nifty. It allows categories and collections and rearranges itself on the fly. Unlike many such galleries I’ve seen on other sites, this one never makes display errors.

I was also happy with the way the event calendar and event listings on the front page worked out. This site is set up so it’s very easy for NFN staff to enter new events and info. Only upcoming events are showed and the page is automatically pruned when the event is over.

By the way, check out those events. There’s a good chance you’ll find something interesting to you, if you have any interest in science. You’ll meet some fascinating people in any case.