Web hosting details

Many web hosting companies will make promises which they’ll void with the small print. Not us. In all dealings the first thing we’ll do is give you numbers on costs and capacities. They’ll be the real numbers, with nothing hidden, and no services will be crippled in any way.

We built this hosting package to include everything you need to have a modern web presence. There will be no extra charges for components you should have had in the first place. Keep that in mind when you compare prices with other hosts.

Price: $250 per year

The price is in Canadian dollars and includes domain registration, 20 email accounts, an installation of WordPress, an SSL encryption certificate and all other services listed below.

Storage: 100 GB

This is lots of space. Most people will only need a tenth of that. But if you’ve got a WordPress site you’re regularly adding content to, or if you’re an organization with a lot of email stored, you will need space to expand into. We’d rather give you plenty now to avoid headaches in the future.

Bandwidth: 5000 GB per month

Bandwidth is a measure of how much traffic your site is allowed before additional charges are incurred. 5000 GB is way more than almost anyone will ever need. Most personal sites use 10 GB or less. Even medium-sized businesses rarely need more than 250 GB.

To use up 5000 GB of bandwidth per month your site would have to be famous and popular world-wide. But that can happen, temporarily at least. If something you create goes viral you want to be able to take advantage of it.

Features of hosting plans

Free domain name: The cost of registering the name of your web site is included in the package. Additional domains are $20 each.

Free email accounts: You can have up to 20 email accounts using your domain for no additional charge.

Free WordPress installation: We’ll set you up with a ready to go WordPress site and hand you the keys. From there you can build your own site if you want, or you can hire us to build one for you.

Secure connections: All of our sites are secure. We’ll get you a personal encryption certificate and use it to set up a “https” site with SSL protocol. You’ll never have to worry about third parties intercepting any communications from your site’s visitors.

Webmail interface: This is an email option similar to gmail where you use a web browser to access your email. This allows you to pick up your email from any computer without installing additional software. We’ll also help you set up more traditional accounts if you prefer.

Web Site Statistics: You can view full statistics for your site at any time, including which search phrases people are using to find you.

Unassailable Physical Security: All of our sites are physically hosted at one of three world-class data centers. Most are hosted through the CenturyLink Data Center (formerly known as Savvis) in Boston, USA. We also offer hosting through iAdvantage in Hong Kong and Equinix in Frankfurt, Germany.

CenturyLink takes security to an almost absurd level. Your site will be online no matter what happens, short of a nuclear war or a large meteor strike. They have their own power generators on site, and 24/7 video surveillance and security guards. They house their servers behind fortified walls, bullet-proof glass and doors with biometric access controls. Your site will be secure in every sense of the word.