About Guardian Computing

Guardian Computing is a Canadian web architecture and hosting company in Delhi, Ontario.


Will Partridge

Will is a web architect with 30 years of experience.

The first 15 years were in Ottawa, Seattle, and New York, doing contracts for companies of all sizes from start-ups to Microsoft itself.  Will spent a couple of years at their main campus in Redmond, Washington, doing software development for their new version of Windows.  It was Windows ME but don’t tell anybody.

For the last 15 years he has been the owner and manager of Guardian Computing. Will also made a living for for a while as a writer and editor.

He does most of the programming and designs, and brings in associates and subcontractors as needed. 

Will has managed and delivered hundreds of successful projects over the years.  He was born and raised in Norfolk County and is happy to be back.

Morgan Partridge

Morgan does video and sound work. He helps with minor coding tasks and copy editing.

He also likes to train people on emerging technologies.

Here’s an example of one his videos.  In this case, he’s teaching players of League of Legends how to play Dota 2.

Always in confidence

While developing software for your business or working on your computer systems we can’t help but encounter sensitive information.

Our policy on secrets is very simple: we keep them until the grave. We will never release any of your data to anyone, ever, unless compelled by court order after exhausting all other possibilities. We do not cooperate with authorities.

You can see some of our clients on our portfolio page. Contact any of them and you’ll see we have a reputation for personal integrity and discretion which can not be challenged.