Web hosting

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Our web hosting package for $250 per year is appropriate for all WordPress sites. It will give you lots of room to grow.

Hosting includes a number of other services. You’ll have everything you need to promote your cause or business.

Web architecture

We also offer web architect services. We’ll sit down with you and figure out exactly what your business needs are. We’ll talk about technologies that will save you time and money. Then we’ll find a way to knit these technologies together to make a unique system to make your life easier. A new web site will certainly be part of that process but it probably won’t be all. We’ll make sure you and your staff are trained until everyone is comfortable using anything new.

If you’re hiring us to make you a site, we very much encourage you to let us host it as well. We can build pretty much whatever you want as long as we have total control and access to the web servers. Once we have to start jumping through other companies’ hoops it greatly slows down the software development process. This will increase the total cost of the project. Some things become impossible to do, as well.


We’ll teach you what you need to know to run your site. Once everything is set up right, using WordPress is almost as easy as using Facebook. Our clients are often self-publishing within a day or two.

We are very good at teaching people how to use computers effectively. We strive for infinite patience.

We also offer general troubleshooting and research services.


The net is filled with scammers. One reason our company is called “Guardian Computing” is because we protect my clients from as many as we can.

We try to save people’s time and increase their peace of mind. There are so many ways you can be blindsided by computer issues at critical times. We try to anticipate these problems, so our clients don’t have to waste any time on them. They spend their time instead making money, promoting their causes, or having fun.