Web hosting

Write something worth reading or
do something worth writing.

My web hosting package for $240 per year is appropriate for all WordPress sites. It will give you lots of room to grow. You’ll need it, once you start adding your own content.

Hosting includes a number of other services. You’ll have everything you need to promote your cause or business.

Web architecture

I also offer web architect services. This goes considerably beyond web site development. I’ll sit down with you and figure out exactly what your business needs are. We’ll talk about technologies that will save you time and money. Then I’ll find a way to knit these technologies together to make a unique system to make your life easier. A new web site will almost certainly be part of that process but it probably won’t be all. I’ll make sure you and your staff are trained until everyone is comfortable using anything new.

If you’re hiring me to make you a site, I very much encourage you to let me host it as well. This isn’t just for the small additional profit it earns me. It’s mainly because I can build pretty much whatever you want as long as I have total control and access to the web servers. Once I have to start jumping through other companies’ hoops it greatly slows down the software development process which will increase the total cost of the project. Some things become impossible to do, as well.

Other Services


Teaching people how to use computers effectively is a large part of what I do. The project’s not done until you are comfortable using it yourself. Once your site is set up, using WordPress is almost as easy as using Facebook. My clients are often self-publishing within a day.

I am very good at teaching people how to use computers effectively. I strive for infinite patience.

Copy editing

In another life I made a living as a writer and editor. I’ll make sure you sound good.

Time and Serenity

There are many malicious individuals, organizations, and even governments on the net. One reason I call my company “Guardian Computing” is because I protect my clients from as many as I can.

I try to preserve peoples’ time and peace of mind. There are so many ways you can be blindsided by computer issues at critical times. I’m always trying to think ahead, making sure my clients don’t run into these roadblocks. They spend their time making money, promoting their causes, or just having fun instead of wasting time on computer nonsense.