Web Architecture

We’ll sit down with you and figure out exactly what your business needs are. We’ll talk about technologies that will save you time and money. Then we’ll find a way to knit these technologies together to make a unique system to make your life easier.

A new web site will certainly be part of that process but it probably won’t be all. We’ll make sure you and your staff are trained until everyone is comfortable using anything new.

If you’re hiring us to make you a site, we very much encourage you to let us host it as well. We can build pretty much whatever you want as long as we have total control and access to the web servers. Once we have to start jumping through other companies’ hoops it greatly slows down the software development process. This will increase the total cost of the project. Some things become impossible to do, as well.


We’ll teach you what you need to know. Our clients are often self-publishing within a day or two.

There’s also general training available to anyone who wants to learn more about computers and the internet.

Troubleshooting & Research

We  offer general troubleshooting and research services.   Drop us a line if you need some advice or help.  

Web Hosting

For details, please visit our web hosting page.