Web hosting

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I offer two web hosting plans: a business package for $220 per year and a personal package for $120 per year. The business package has 100 times the disk space and 50 times the bandwidth of the personal package.

Features common to both hosting plans

Free email accounts: each domain purchased may have as many email accounts as you wish for no additional charge.

Webmail interface: this allows you to pick up your email from any computer without installing additional software.

Web Site Statistics: You can view full statistics for your site at any time, including which search phrases people are using to find you.

Differences between business and personal hosting packages

The differences between packages come down to price, disk space, and bandwidth allowed. Bandwidth is a measure of your web site’s traffic. If your site is popular, it will consume more bandwidth.

The business account is a much better deal. It’s 100 times the storage space and 50 times the bandwidth for slightly less than double the price. Personal accounts are an option if your site is small and you’re not expecting a great deal of traffic. Accounts can be upgraded anytime for free.


$220 / year
100 GB storage
1000 GB / month bandwidth


$120 / year
1 GB storage
20 GB / month bandwidth


Web architecture

I also offer web architect services. I’ll sit down with you and figure out exactly what your business needs are and what technologies you need to achieve them. Then I’ll set up a system to do exactly that.

Data Centers

All of my sites are physically hosted at one of three world-class data centers. Most of my sites are hosted through the CenturyLink Data Center (formerly known as Savvis) in Boston, USA . I also offer hosting through iAdvantage in Hong Kong and Equinix in Frankfurt, Germany.

CenturyLink has a redundant network of multiple fiber trunks from multiple sources. This ensures your site will be available no matter what happens. There is also redundant power on the premises and multiple data backup procedures. They also have tight physical security. This includes 24/7 video surveillance and on-site security guards, locked computer cabinets, bullet-proof glass and walls, biometric access controls such as palm scanners, and highly-secure off-site vaults for backups.